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The Black Swamp Pub and Bistro is excited for this upcoming year!  We have some wonderful new menu items, a new look, and new management staff who are excited to serve you!  Currently, our online ordering system is going through a few updates and technical issues so we hope to have it online as soon as possible.  Until then, please feel free to visit us at the Black Swamp Pub and Bistro in the BGSU Bowen-Thompson Student Union.  For questions, please contact Jon Zachrich at jdzachr@bgsu.edu and he will be happy to help!


This system has been created to make ordering your food and beverage requirements as easy as possible. We want to ensure that we are providing you with the very best options for you to select from, so please let us know if there is something you do not see in our order guide. We will be happy to assist you at any time with placing your food and beverage orders. Simply call the café where your event will be hosted and let our café manager walk you through the online process.

The Black Swamp Pub and Bistro

It is with great pleasure that we introduce the new Pub and Bistro menu. Here you will find an array of foods offered that highlight international flavors as well as some BGSU favorties and traditions.

Our students, faculty or staff can have a snack, a light lunch or a full dinner. All of the starters are served family style so sharing is encouraged!


Our chef’s intention here was to offer styles of food that would encourage trying something new while introducing some flavors and textures. From the vegetarian chef’s plate to the homemade kielbasa to the cornbread crusted walleye, this food is truly American Regional cuisine.. 


The culinary team at BGSU has engineered this menu to use as much local product as well as sustainable practices to help further our efforts with the students, faculty and staff to make the best choices.


Do not eat to live, live to eat.  Sit back and let us provide you with a great meal and a cheerful smile.  We want you to enjoy your meal, enjoy your company, and enjoy your experience at the Black Swamp Pub and Bistro.


BGSU delivers an education worth celebrating. The Black Swamp Pub and Bistro believes that education includes developing, enriching, and expanding your palette. Through creative menu development of American regional cuisine, the culinary team has provided a menu worth celebrating. Explore new textures and flavor profiles, enjoy home-style classics, and be delighted with creative twists on traditional favorites.


The Black Swamp Pub and Bistro uses many local products as well as sustainable practices to partner with students, faculty, and staff in making the best choices for the environment.  Better your community and try something different, something new, something bold. Live a little!


Sustainable Seafood Statement

BGSU dining is committed to protecting the threatened global fish supply. In collaboration with the Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch program, we established a policy which removes unsustainable wild and farmed seafood from our menus. We work to understand and partner with the aquaculture industry to implement sustainable methods of production using specific goals and timelines.


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